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Planning Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad in Exotic Locations Like Denmark

Planning Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad in Exotic Locations Like Denmark

Over the years the average couple had only two places to marry – the local church or the local registry office. Now you can still get married at that location, but you can also do the ceremony at the hotel and the registrar will be there to take care of the service. Or you can go abroad to get married and invite your guests to come with you.

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Nowadays many couples choose to hold the ceremony and reception at the hotel because a couple is getting married at the church with their reception at a local hotel or suitable location.

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The number of couples who choose to get married in beautiful foreign places, plus the bonus of staying in exotic locations for their honeymoon, also continues to grow. Their guests also have the option to stay and treat it as a vacation.

Most weddings abroad are booked in warm climates to take advantage of the year round sunshine. Today, many tour operators offer wedding packages that arrange everything – from flights, hotels, ceremonies, receptions, photographers, honeymoon to testimonials if needed.

The wedding can be planned at home and then the honeymoon coordinator will ensure that all your needs are met with the resort hotel you are married to.

Choosing a country and a resort is the first decision you need to make after telling friends and family that you want to get married abroad. While there are many options, there are some local restrictions and customs that you may need to follow.